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Duromine vs Phen375

Buy Phen375 When choosing weight loss product, do not forget that prescription drugs with a powerful anorectic effect (such as Duromine) are included in the list of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances under International Control. Therefore, these drugs banned for the sale and purchase without the prescription.

As alternative means to a prescription Duromine anti-obesity drug you can use incredibly effective OTC diet pills – Phen375 that stimulate weight loss even with low physical activity.

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If you decided to buy Phen375, but have never taken natural weight loss product before, information about common differences between Phen375 and Duromine sure to attract your attention.

Active ingredients of Duromine pills and Phen375 pills

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    Each Duromine diet pill contains 15mg, 30mg or 40mg of CNS stimulant Phentermine.

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    Each diet pill Phen375 contains not one but several natural ingredients, which provide rapid weight loss and improve the overall health of a patient.

  • Active ingredients of Phen375 pills
  • Appetite suppressant Caffeine 75mg
  • Thermogenesis stimulant Cayenne Capsicum 20mg
  • Metabolism booster Citrus Aurantium 125mg
  • Lipid lowering agent Chromium Picolinate 1mg
  • Fat burner L-Carnitine 382mg
  • Anti-heartburn agent Calcium Carbonate 149mg
  • Active ingredient of Duromine pills
  • Phentermine – causes anorectic effect
  • Phentermine – provides thermogenesis
  • Phentermine – increases metabolism
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If you want to lose the body weight, as well as improve your general health, Phen375 is exactly that natural weight loss product you have been looking for. Make a decision, which can change your life for the better – order Phen375 diet pills right now.

Advantages of Duromine

The main advantage of anti-obesity drug Duromine is that it provides a powerful anorectic effect, which lasts 7 to 25 hours. Due to this prolonged anorectic effect, you only need to take one Duromine diet pill in the morning not to feel hunger pains all day long.

Disadvantages of Duromine

The main disadvantage of Duromine anti-obesity drug is that it can cause some severe cardiovascular side effects (such as stroke and myocardial infarction). Thus, if obesity is complicated by cerebrovascular and (or) cardiac diseases, you should never take Duromine pills.

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You should also know that any anti-obesity drug, which contains Phentermine (including Duromine), can cause drug dependence. The risk factors of Duromine abuse are: history of drug abuse, history of alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, stress and emotional or behavioral disorders.

Besides this, drug dependence can be caused by a long-term use of Duromine. Therefore, Duromine pills must be used only for a short-term anti-obesity therapy, which does not last more than three months.

Advantages of Phen375

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    A high level of pharmacological safety is the main advantage of Phen375 natural diet pills. Phen375 diet pills are produced in the FDA approved lab and their high quality and safety has been confirmed by the FDA Certificate of Registration.

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    An important advantage of Phen375 pills is that no side effects arise after their use. In fact, Phen375 diet pills contain just natural ingredients, listed in the LNHPD (Canada) and ARTG (Australia). Therefore, by using Phen375 pills, you can keep confidence that you will not have any unwanted reactions.

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    Special attention must be paid to the fact that Phen357 pills activate several processes causing weight loss at once (suppress the appetite, increase the metabolism and thermogenesis and burn fat). Therefore, a significant decrease of body fat percentage occurs in just 2-4 weeks after onset of using Phen375 diet pills.

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    Thanks to Phen375 you not only can lose weight, but also significantly increase your physical activity. The fact is that L-Carnitine the active ingredient of Phen375 stimulates the fat burn, yet also transforms this fat into energy. And natural CNS stimulant Caffeine makes Phen375 pills reduce the appetite and at the same time improve the wakefulness.

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    No less important fact is that along with the weight loss, Phen375 decreases the burden on your musculoskeletal system. Therefore, by losing weight with Phen375, you will manage to prevent spinal and rheumatic pains.

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    Close attention must be paid to the fact that Phen375 helps to improve your mental and sexual health. Because when you see your body becomes slimmer day by day, your worry will disappear and you will feel the energy boost and become more optimistic. When you lose weight and improve your appearance, you are more attractive for your sexual partner.


Phen375 effects on body


If you want to lose weight quickly only you have no prescription for Duromine pills, you can use the alternative diet pills Phen375. A slightly less effective, yet safe natural Phen375 diet pills are available at retail sale without prescription.

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